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To display the settings panel, go to Options/Settings.


General Settings

Measure - sets the measurement units.
Language - sets the language.
Default Sheet Dimension - sets the size of the default panel which is available when the program is started.
Edge Banding - if Enable Edge Banding option is checked, edge banding information can be used.
Autosave Options - when Save Window Position is checked, CutMaster 2D will "remember" its position. The next time the program is started, it will open at the same position on the desktop.
Blade Width - Sets the cutting blade width. This setting will be taken into account during calculation of cutting layouts.


Layout Settings

Manual and Automatic Calculation Preferences - use the slider to adjust the balance between optimization speed and complexity. More complexity equals better results but lower calculation speed and vice versa. Select the values that best suit your needs.
Sound - if this option is checked, a sound will be played when manual method finishes calculation. This way the program will inform you when the job is done.


File Settings
Load Archive Without - for very large archives, loading can sometimes be slow. In these cases, it can be useful to skip loading reports or cutting layouts. Deselect the options you do not need.
Import Data From Excel - Automatically convert commas to points when loading data - converts numbers from x,xx to x.xx format, if they have been entered in Excel this way. Comma-delimited numbers are not valid, so this option can sometimes be very useful.
Import Data From Excel - Append imported data from Excel - If this option is unchecked, the existing data in CutMaster 2D will be replaced with the imported data. If it is checked, the imported data will be appended to the existing data.
Last session preferences - Select the method you need. Default is Do not load last data definition. If you choose any other option, the last imported data will be automatically imported again when you start CutMaster 2D.

Views And Reports

Use these settings to define additional information that will be printed on the cutting layout, as well as the date format that you want.
View Settings
Prices - The cost of panels per square meter, as well as the cost of cutting operations per meter.
Printing Report - Information that is printed on reports and cutting layouts. It is also possible to choose the pattern used on cutting layouts.


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