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Edge Banding

Band Manager

Go to Options/Bands.
The following window appears:
Edge Band Types

These band types can be used in the program to indicate edge banding of parts.
    For each band type, it is possible to set:
  • Type
    A commercial name or description for the specific type of band. This is the name CutMaster 2D displays when the band is used in the parts list.
  • Band Thickness
    If this value is greater than 0, band thickness will be taken into account during the calculation of the cutting layout, and part dimensions will be reduced according to the band thickness. For example, a part which has a desired final size 50x50cm and is banded on two opposite sides with a band 2mm thick, will be cut with the size of 49.6x50cm. After the edge banding, this part will have the size of 50x50cm.
  • Mark On Layout
    This is the character that will be printed on the cutting layout, marking the edges where this type of band should be applied.
  • Overhang
  • Price
    The cost of Edge Banding per meter
As soon as a band is entered in the Band Manager window, it can be used in the program.

Entering Edge Banding Data In the Parts List

When entering the parts data in the Parts List, edge banding data can be entered, too.
Fields BL and BW represent the banding of length and width edges, respectively. The value represents the number of edges to be banded. In the example below, the part will be banded on one of the shorter edges, and on both longer edges. The type of band to be used is ABS.
Entering parts data with edge banding information

When the part is entered, its data can be modified directly in the Parts list. Each edge can have a different type of band applied.

Each edge can have a different type of band

This is what this part will look like on the cutting layout:
Part on the cutting layout

It has a - mark to show that it is to be banded with the Regular band, which is 2mm thick. The length (entered as 50.5 in the part list) has been reduced to 50.3, which is exactly the original width minus the band thickness. This way, the final part width (after banding) will be 50.5, as required. The width (65) is marked with **, which means it will be banded with the ABS band type on both sides. The ABS is very thin, so it does not have to be included in the calculation - its thickness has been set to 0 in the Band Manager.
All banding costs are being calculated and included in the Report for each of the band types used.

Edge Banding

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