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CutMaster 2D Tutorials

Importing Data From Microsoft Excel

A Complex Example

Go to File/Import From/Excel File.
The following window appears:
Import Data From Excel Window

The left panel is used for importing panels data, while the right one is used for importing parts data.
Open the Excel file that you want to import data from.

Select the column that will appear last in CutMaster (in this example, it is the column that contains panel descriptions).
Selected Data In Excel

In CutMaster 2D, press Connect to active worksheet. If everything is OK, Preview data button is enabled and the information about the active Excel workbook is displayed.
CutMaster 2D is now connected to the Excel workbook

In CM2D, press Preview data. The data appears in the first column on the left.
Preview of the data

Using your pointing device, drag the column to the right, until it reaches the rightmost column (Description). The data now appears in the right column.
Drag the column to the right

The data is in the appropriate column now
Repeat the process for Quantity and Width, respectively. Finally, import the Length data.

When you are satisfied with the results, press Import. The data appears in the main CutMaster2D window. When you have finished importing panels or parts data, press Done.
The imported data

This example was about importing sheets data. Importing parts data is exactly the same - just use the right panel, instead of the left.
The imported data

You can also see a more simple example here.

Excel Import - Complex

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