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Feature Comparison - Lite vs Pro

CutMaster 2D Pro is designed for use in proffessional environments, primarily for small to medium sized workshops and manual cutting operations. CutMaster 2D Lite is better suited for home workshops.
However, both editions use the same optimization algorithms and produce the same yield. To help you decide which edition is right for you, we recommend reviewing the differences in the table below, as well as comparing the license costs in the price list.

Feature Edition
Lite Pro
Manual calculation method Lite Pro
Automatic calculation method Lite Pro
Advanced optimization algorithm Lite Pro
Edge Banding Pro
Import from Microsoft Excel Pro
Import from XML Pro
Export to DXF Pro
Cut list view Lite Pro
Manual rearrangment of the layout Lite Pro
Metric, US Standard and Imperial Units Lite Pro
Ajdustable saw blade thickness Lite Pro
Grain direction per sheet or part setting Lite Pro
Part labeling Lite Pro
Printing part labels Lite Pro
Print multiple layouts on one page Pro
Working with archive files Lite Pro
Standard Statistics Lite Pro
Additional Statistics Pro
Reports and Billing Pro
Price Settings Pro
Total Off-Cut and Current Stock Pricing Pro
Archive managing tool   Pro
Multilanguage interface support Lite Pro
Visual themes Lite Pro

For CutMaster 2D Lite users, upgrade to Pro edition is available at a discounted price.

Lite vs Pro

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